Training the building industry in ICF's

Architects and Engineers

RIBA Approved CPD Training – An Introduction to Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating Concrete Forms are a modern building method that save clients time and money. The technology offers flexibility in design and unrivalled energy efficiency.

The seminar is titled 'An Overview of Insulated Formwork (ICFs) – A Permanent Solution'. This seminar aims to cover an introduction to insulated formwork, building applications, code approvals and installation methods

Our experienced representatives from the Technical Services team offer a RIBA certified Continual Professional Development (CPD) seminar. All have been assessed within strict, best practice guidelines by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and aim to provide you with the information needed on NUDURA Insulating Concrete Forms.

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The ICF Training Program

Having a team of installers trained in the NUDURA ICF system gives contractors the opportunity to be selected for ICF projects. It is an opportunity to offer clients a modern, fast and cost effective building solution.

ICF Building Materials and NUDURA are committed to providing the highest level of training, ensuring you get the knowledge you need to get the job done with efficiency and confidence. The ICF Training Program covers the use of NUDURA’s Integrated Building Technology and the basic installation procedures used in the construction field for concrete homes and commercial structures.

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