NUDURA's unique features and patents ensure that it is the fastest to build and most reliable ICF block in the industry.

The Biggest Blocks

NUDURA offers the largest ICF's industry. The Standard Form covers 1.25 meters squared of wall area in a single block. This is the same area as thirteen and a half concrete blocks.

Locking Forms

The NUDURA patented Fastening Strip securely locks forms into place with a reversible triple tooth interlock which eliminates float and compression and the need to wire together forms.

4-Way Reversible

The patented foam interlock allows the form to be 4 way reversible, so it can be placed in any orientation.This gives the forms much more versatility, results in near zero waste, and a fast build.

Folding Forms

The NUDURA Patented Hinged Web allows NUDURA products to be shipped flat, allowing for 40% more product on a truck or shipping container compared to other ICF products.

The T

NUDURA introduced the industry's first T-Form, which allows builders to quickly transition to create walls which form T-junctions, without labour intensive cutting and tie wiring of forms.

The Most Choice

NUDURA has the largest selection of shapes and sizes in the ICF industry. From T-Forms, to Radius Forms and Brick Ledge Units, NUDURA can fulfill any building design requirements.