Green Building Rating Systems

An ICF building has a number of characteristics which qualify it as a high quality green strucutre. As well as benefiting the environment, a NUDURA ICF building can help earn many credits towards green building rating systems, including Estidama and LEED.


The Pearl Rating System is the green building rating system of the Abu Dhabi Estidama sustainability initiative. A NUDURA structure can contribute significantly to gaining Pearl credits, helping developers, architects, engineers and conctractors achieve a 2 Pearl rated building.

A NUDURA ICF building is elegible for credits in several of the Pearl Rating System categories, including:

  • Improved Energy Performance
  • Peak Load Reduction
  • Cool Building Strategies
  • Regional Materials
  • Recycled Materials
  • Material Emissions: Adhesives and Sealants


LEED is the green building rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council, and has been adopted worldwide to assess the sustainabilty efforts of green buildings. Countless buildings in Dubai have been certified to this standard.

Up to 24 LEED points!

Many NUDURA buildings have recieved LEED certification, all the way up to a Platinum Rating, the highest level achievable. A NUDURA system alone can help earn as many as 24 LEED points, more than half the total points needed for certification!

Read the for LEED guide for NUDURA