Six easy steps for builiding

The NUDURA building system combines six different wall elements into a single product. The system eliminates costly building steps allowing the project to be constucted faster and more efficiently.

In a single product, the NUDURA building system provides:

  1. The concrete forming system
  2. A structural reinforced concrete wall
  3. Thermal Insulation
  4. An air barrier
  5. A vapor barrier
  6. Interior and exterior finish anchorage

The Six Easy Steps

1 - Footings

A strip footing foundation is prepared. Strip footings are generally easier to setup than the isolated footings found in traditional construction.

2 - Stacking

The forms are stacked on top of one another like lego bricks to build up the walls. Opening for the windows and doors are accounted for as well.

3 - Rebar

Horizontal rebar is clicked into place along each course. When the wall height is finsihed the vertical rebar is fed through.

4 - Alignment

The aligment system is setup to ensure all the walls are positioned accurately for the concrete pour. NUDURA has its own bracing system which can be used.

5 - Concrete Pour

A concrete pump is used to fill the core of the forms. Once the concrete dries, the result is immensly stong reinforced, monolithic concrete wall.

6 - Services and Roofing

The floors and roofing are placed when the concrete has dried. The service pipes are chased through the foam of the ICF blocks.