NUDURA is supported by a wide range of approvals, as well as extensive technical documentaion and testing certificates.

Building System Approvals

The NUDURA building system has been approved and certified by a number of civil authorities across the world. The system has received European International ETA aproval, BSA approval, as well as approval from authorities in the United States and Canada, including ICC approval.

Technical Documentation

The entire NUDURA system is supported by techinical documentation. This includes an installation manual for the entire build process, from ground up. Design guides assist with specifiying the wall thickness, rebar requirements, lintel reinforcement, amd more. A comprehensive set of technical drawings show details of the different floor, wall and ceiling connections in a NUDURA house. A BIM library of all NUDURA components is available to assist in the inital design stages of a projects. The LEED documentation aides in rating a NUDURA project along the LEED guidelines.

Testing approvals

Each component and system in the NUDURA product range has undergone extensive testing and certification by third party authorities. Sound transmission, fire resistance, vapour permeance and other important criteria have all been rated for different copmonents in the NUDURA system.

Visit the NUDURA Technical Centre for a comprehensive listing of the related approvals and technical documentation.