As distributors for the NUDURA building system in the Emirates, we provide the range of NUDURA forms, accessories, and alignment systems you need for a complete building solution.


The NUDURA ICF Series is the leader in Insulated Concrete Form Innovation and technology and offers users the ability to combine a variety of products during the building process. The NUDURA ICF Series offers unique advantages over other products currently on the market.

Download the NUDURA Product Catalogue for the full list of items available from NUDURA


  • Nudura has the largest selection of sizes and shapes of ICF forms in the industry
  • The Nudura Forms come in a range of core thicknesses to suit different requirements. Core widths are available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm.
  • Nudura forms can fold along the webs, allowing for more compact packaging and more efficient transportation.
  • Nudura Forms are designed to be 4 way reversible so that assembly is possible in all orientations. This greatly increases the speed of construction and reduces wastage.
  • Nudra's Duralok Technology features a patented triple tooth interlock system only found in Nudura Forms. This eliminates float between forms, and ensures the forms are securely fastened to one another


  • The Nudura Standard form is the largest ICF block in the industry, covering 1.25 m2 in single block. That is the equivalent of laying 13 and a half normal concrete blocks in one go.
  • The 90 Degree Form Unitutilize the NUDURA 4-Way Reversible system which eliminates left and right corners.
  • The 45 Degree From unit
  • Nudura were the first Manufacturers to produce an ICF T-form. The T Form units allow builders the ability to quickly transition to create demising walls, without labour intensive cutting and tie wiring of forms. The forms are simply unpacked and stacked!
  • The T Forms are manufactured in a Small T and Long T to ensure that significant overlap is achieved to maintain structural stability during the construction process.
  • Nudura End caps easily slide into all form types. The End Caps feature the Duralok Technology and full height fastening strips to allow for easy installation of widows and doors.
  • The Brick Ledge Form is used to support a brick veneer.
  • The Brick Ledge Extension provides greater flexibility when establishing brick ledge locations.
  • Nudura provides the chance to order Radius Form units which have been designed to a custom radius.
  • Tapered Top forms allow for conventional above-grade framing with a brick veneer, while offering maximum insulation performance at grade level.
  • The Nudura Floor System can be used in combination with the Nudura wall to give highly insulated floors
  • Nudura provides a system for interal wall insulation retrofits.

NUDURA Plus+ Series

The Plus Series product line, comprised of two new products: the Plus Form and the R-Value Plus+ insert, introduces an innovative way for designers and engineers to build their own R-value. The Plus+ Series gives alternatives to design professionals and builders who want to add more insulation to the standard line of NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.


The NUDURA Plus+ Forms are available in four sizes: 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 150mm and now offer U-Values as high as R-48.. The Plus+ Forms are laminated with the desired amount of insulation with an EPS approved adhesive, ensuring the lamination is secure for all building applications. If the desired amount of insulation is greater then 150mm, NUDURA can customize the amount of desired insulation.


The R-Value Plus inserts were engineered to integrate into any NUDURA Form unit, allowing for increased R-Values, while at the same time not interfering with the unique technological characteristics of NUDURA Forms. Once the desired size is chosen the R-Value Plus insert is simply slid into one side of a NUDURA Form Unit. With the unique dovetail system, the inserts are securely placed during the construction process.

NUDURA One Series

The One Series by NUDURA is the industry’s only multi-link form offering builders and architects unmatched versatility for projects designed using ICFs. At the core of this innovative line isnudura one sided one series form DURALINK Technology, a newly designed web that offers users the ability to create a wide variety of custom multi sided form combinations for a variety of building types from commercial to residential.

The One Series will offer users the ability to reduce labor by not having to strip foam for elevator shafts, stairwells and other areas that do not require foam. The One Series gives architects the ability to have more versatility with design for multi-storey, educational and commercial warehouses.

NUDURA Integrated Series

The Integrated series from NUDURA combines building envelope products: RetroFit, Ceiling & Floor Technology, and HydroFoam, that work in conjunction with our line of Insulated Concrete Forms to provide maximum energy efficiency. Each Integrated Series product has been manufactured to install quickly and efficiently and replaces many traditional forms of insulation products that are far more labor intensive.