Save time and money

Expect to reduce the wall construction time by 20% - 40% and the man hours by tenfold. Don't be surprised when you discover the system helps you chop weeks of the project delivery date.

Project schedule

The time taken to complete wall constuction using the NUDURA building system can be 20% - 40% faster compared to a conventional concrete frame. The building system also allows more rapid assembly and finshing of the doors, windows, services and surface finishings of a house. Overall, this leads to faster build times.

Building envelope

A single NUDURA standard block builds the same amount of area as thirteen and a half standard concrete blocks, and weighs two and a half times less. This means a NUDURA system can be built up much faster than a concrete frame and block system.

Doors and windoows

NUDURA enables clean and dimensioned finishings arounds doors and windows, allowing these units to be installed much faster than in a concrete frame system. Time is not wasted levelling out the edges around the openings.


The expanded polystyeren which makes up the ICF blocks makes it easy to cut out channels and and chase mechanical piping and electrical cabling. Refilling the channel spaces is easily accomplished with low expansion spray foam.

This simplified and streamlind building system saves time at all parts in the building process. The results is a much faster build

Man hours

A NUDURA building system is not only built faster, but requires less people on site to do the work. Combining these gives a dramatic reduction in the number of man hours needed. You can expect the man hours to complete the building envelope to drop by ten fold. This leads to numerous other cost benefits throughout the project.


NUDURA ICF buildings can reduce AC consumption by as much as 70%.

Improved energy performance provides yearly savings on fuel bills and services maintenacne. With a continuous layer of insulation across the inside and outside walls, very little heat is lost through the building envelope. The superior air tightness of a NUDURA structure prevents cooling energy within the building escaping to the environment.

Overall this saves lots of money

A faster build with less people on site, and an energy efficient end product, means that savings are possible in:

  • Overhead and Management
  • Earlier rentals
  • Earlier return on investment
  • Shorter loan times
  • More projects every year
  • Half the electricity bills