An award winning sustainability solution

NUDURA structures around the world have won awards for meeting sustainable building standards, and are used in international design guides for the specification of eco-freindly building design.

Earn Estidama and LEED points for your building

Green impact areas include:

Energy Performance

The NUDURA system provides a well insulated and airtight building envelope. This has tremendous benefits on the amount of power that is required to cool the buildings, and as a result, the structure’s carbon footprint on the environment. It is hard for the warm outside heat to enter the house, and easy to keep the cool air inside. This can potentially produce up to 70% savings in annual energy costs. These benefits are especially important in countries like the UAE where the air conditioning plays a huge role.

The end result is an airtight structure that enables building mechanical systems to heat, cool and ventilate the structure more efficiently, creating a healthier living or working environment. Reduced temperature fluctuations and cooling demands results also provide a more comfortable living space for the occupants.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Recycled Materials

The NUDURA ICF block forms are manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene, and the folding webs form polyproplylene and steel. All these materials come from 100% recylced plastic and steel.

The unique 4-Way Reversible System from NUDURA creates less waste during the construction process, sending less waste to our landfills. All waste is 100% recyclable.

Waste Reduction